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Riesling in Bulgaria!

Hi Riesling fans,


I wish everybody a happy and prosperous new year. I hope for all your dreams to come true and it will be a wonderful year!
And I do hope you did leave last year behind in fun.

This year I hope to taste more wonderful Rieslings, visit a lot of wineries, pass a lot of exams and of course write a lot of RIESsearchING posts.


So let’s try again: Bulgaria.
Last time I did not get enough information on Bulgaria to write a post.
I have done it better this time.

Riesling in Bulgaria!
There’s growing 1170ha of Riesling in Bulgaria.
Most are grown in the Black Sea region and the Rose Valley region here’s a continental climate.
Over Bulgaria you find different soil types:
Some alluvial soils, gray forest floor, maroon soils and some deep sand soils.

There are 3 other wine regions as well: Danubian Plains, Thracian Lowlands and Struma River Valley.

I believe it is quite difficult to stick a flavor palate on these Rieslings, because the huge diversity in soil types. Because Riesling does reflect the soil type it grows on very easily. Which makes it the most amazing grape variety for me.
I leave comment on Riesling tastes from Bulgaria when I actually have tasted some.

Something else to look forward to.
I know this is not much yet, but there will be an update when I know more!

See you guy’s the next RIESsearchING!

The wine grape book by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding and José Vouillamoz

Riesling in the Republic of Moldova

Hi Riesling fans,


Merry Christmas to all of you!


It’s all ready been a nice day!
Went to Cru, a kind of fresh market near Brussels.
I know the manager and we have tasted already a lot of wine today.
So thank you Dennis!
I bought some Riesling there! One of them is a Riesling from Robert Weil.
I have his book! It’s a very nice book about his winery!

So I wish you guy’s a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Today I speak about Riesling in Moldova!
There’s growing 1343ha of Riesling all over Moldova.

There are 4 historical wine regions in Moldova:
Valul lui Traian (south west), Stefan Voda (south east), Codru (center), and Balti (North).
Most Riesling is grown in the southern regions: Valul lui Traian and Stefan Voda.
Here in Moldova a continental climate rules. Which is great to grow Riesling.
65% of the soil all over Moldova consists of Chernozem which is a black humus soil rich in humus and calcium oins.

image This is a picture of a Chernozem soil.

They also make some ice wine here in Moldova.
But overall the dry Riesling does a good job as well.
Also here in the Riesling the aroma of quince and peach is found white flowers,
overall a little less mineral, but that won’t be all of them I’m sure!

So enjoy reading and see you the next RIESsearchING!

Sources: wine grape book by Jancis Robinson,…

Riesling in Croatia!

Hi Riesling fans,

Ever been to Croatia?
Not me. But it should be an amazing country.
They make wonderful wines. Istrian wines are almost popular!

Also Riesling, here called Rizling Rajnski grows in Croatia.
1072 ha which is 3% of the total vineyard plantings of Croatia.
And good news also for Riesling is that 2 out of 3 bottles wine made is white wine!
Riesling is mostly planted on the Hungarian and Serbian borders,
where a continental climate rules.
On the coast of Croatia rules a continental climate.
Overall the soil exists of rocks and some alluvial deposits.

In earlier days Riesling was almost always made into cheap table wines.
But now wonders are made!


Like the winery Bolfan! They make wonderful Riesling (and a lot more white wines).
The winery lies in Zlator, here the soil exists mostly of loess and limestone.
The goal of this winery is to become a 100% natural.

Their Riesling has aromas of golden apples, pear and honey and a tutch of petrol and a wet stone minerality.

Source used: the wine grape book by Jancis Robinson,…

Enjoy reading and I’ll see you the next RIESseachING!

Riesling in Slovenia!

Hi everyone,

I skipped a week because I was very busy. I still am, but found some time to write about Riesling!

Today I’ll talk about Riesling in Slovenia.

When you type in Google Slovenia and wine you get all links to Tesco websites.
Tesco is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK and they do sell a lot of wine.
If you are following the drinks business magazine, from time to time the name Tesco passes on the screen.
But I did not know they sold a lot of Slovenian wines. Apparently they do…

But on with Riesling!
Here in Slovenia Riesling is called, Renski Riesling.
In Slovenian Istria there grows 591 ha of Riesling and true out the rest of the country another 52 ha.

Riesling is grown in the Bizesljsko wine region, which lies on the border with Croatia.
Where a cool climate rules and the vines grow on a sandstone soil.

Also in the Prekmurje region grows Riesling on sandstone and clay soils
and here a continental climate rules.
This region lies between the Austrian and Hungarian borders.


And one of the very best producers of Slovenia should be the Devri Pax winery.
This winery lies in the Stajerska wine region (Steiermark in Austria), so lies on the border with Austria.
They make a lot of white wine, but only have 2 Riesling wines in their assortment.
They have aroma’s of peaches, pineapples, blossoms and a touch of honey.
They are medium bodied, with a highly refreshing acidity, are bone-dry and packed with flavor!

As sources I used: the wine grape book by Jancis Robinson,…

Enjoy reading and see you the next RIESsearchING!

Hi everyone!


There has been happening a lot lately!
The RIESsearchING blog has been recommended by another blog, as a good blog to read where Riesling all comes from. Which is true, of course!
And I am pre selected as last year for the Sommelier of the year competition in Belgium!
Vote for me!

But let’s get on with Riesling!
Today I am talking about Riesling in Slovakia!

The first name that pops up when you mention Riesling and Slovakia on google is Egon Muller.
He makes an amazing Riesling wine in Slovakia named Kastiel Bela Riesling.
For this Riesling Muller collaborates with the castle owner Baron Georg Ullman de Baronyava.
The estate lies in the region Sturovo on the Hungarian border.
There’s a lot of loess in the soil, which make interesting Riesling wines with a base flavor of peach and notes of spices, wet stone and some smokey touches.

There grows about 998ha of Riesling in Slovakia and most is planted in Pezinok.
Pezinok lies about 20km north west from Bratislava.
The climate is continental and has modest rainfall.
Most rain falls in march, which isn’t that great for flowering but ok.

In Pezinok there’s a festival which dates back to the 13th century.
Back then they celebrated in there cosy wine cellars, but nowadays it’s a real festival!

Most fantastic Rieslings is made in a village within Pezinok, called Modra.

Sources used are: the wine grape book by Jancis Robinson,… Websites:, and

Enjoy reading and see you the next RIESsearchING!

Riesling in the Czech Republic

wine harvest riesling, Czech Republic

Hi Riesling fans,

Today, I am going to talk about Riesling from the Czech Republic.
I know I said I was going to write about Bulgaria, but that needs some more work…
Because Bulgaria does not like a country we Belgians want to know a lot about.
But ok, I’l get there.
So the Czech Republic, never been myself, but it looks like a nice place.

Riesling here calls: Ryzlink Rynsky -> as in Rhine Riesling.
Here grows 1127 ha of Riesling and it almost all grows in Moravia.
There are else very good wineries in Veké Zernoseky who make fantastic Riesling.

Most of all vines grow in Moravia, 95% of all vines planted in the Czech Republic grow in Moravia!
Here is Moravia there rules a cool continental climate with occasional maritime influences carried in with the winds from the Atlantic.
The climate is similar to the Neha or Pfalz in Germany.
It’s relatively dry here and there are more as 2000 hours of sunshine each year!

So we have the perfect climate for Riesling to grow well and ripen fully into the long Indian summers.

The soils here are mostly made out of Loess and sweet water sediment.
There are also sub regions within Moravia, which have a limestone soil, gravel and clay.

image This is a soils with a lot of loess in it!

So room for a lot of different Riesling styles here!

Riesling here has, overall peach character with a spicy note, linden bloom and honey notes.

Enjoy reading!
And see you the next RIESsearchING!


New site

Weinglas mit Weiwein im herbstlichen Weingarten

Hi everyone,

Some of you may alreaddy know me from my Tumblr blog.

I’m Aurélie Charels,
I’m a sommelier and Riesling expert,
I work at this moment for a Chinees 1 star restaurant Bij Lam en Yin in Antwerp.
And as you may off already noticed i research Riesling!
And i’m a WSET Diploma student!

But Tumblr is just so good to be a start. A good start i have to say! But i can not addid Tumblr as i’d like so, I chose to work with WordPress.

It did not post for the last 4 weeks because: i had my fortified examination and i created an own website. Which had taken some time as well.

About my exam i am not yet going to say something, because with WSET you never know if it was enough… Lets hope it was!

But i’m back for more now!

So this week i will post abouth Riesling in Bulgaria, i had some weird enquires with Bulgaria but it should me a nice country and most importandly they make good Riesling!

So i wil see you guy’s the next RIESsearchING this week on my new RIESsearchING platform and website!