RIESsearchING @ Weingut Am Berg

RIESsearchING @ Weingut Am Berg: 


Hi you Riesling fans! 

It is again some time ago. 

It’s the same old, same old… 

Working whole days and I began to research for my Coursework assignment which is about: the rum revival. Exciting!  

Besides, I am on a 3-week vacation now so time I have! 


Today I will be telling you about my visit to Weingut Am Berg in Langenlois, Kamptal, Austria! 

This is as well RIESsearchING as not so RIESsearchING because  Grüner Veltliner is their main grape variety! 


This visit I also did with the guy’s and a group of restaurateurs and sommeliers of Entrepot Du Vin. 

When we got in, we were greeted by Ludwig Gruber. Winemaker together with his brother Michael. They are by now the 3 generation to own this company and you can see it! This domain is so huge this is not something they just both! By now they have 13ha of vineyard! Not bad! 

First, we jumped back in the car and drove on the hillside to walk through the vineyards. Some nice artwork was integrated on the hill and a nice terras to overlook the region. We saw the different grape varieties, the different pruning methods and trellising systems.  




When we got back to the winery we walked to another vineyard where another cellar was. Where we got to taste out of the barrel. It was such a gracious atmosphere in there!  





We arrived back and got a cellar tour. They, were already in Harvest so, you could see it and smell it. Likewise, fruit flies everywhere… But you cannot do anything about this, try pressing grapes at home and let it stand for a day. You see!  

Anyway! We tasted also some Grüner Veltliner out of the stainless-steel tanks, when wines like this are just starting to ferment, they have this thick pear juice like texture and taste, herbal also most of the time and already a super acidity! Super interesting to taste those things!    

After this we proceeded inside the Heuriger (this is an eating establishment on a winery) we got cold platter typical to this region. And we tasted the wines! They have a super large assortment! But most are of keen quality!  

We tasted in total 27 wines! So, I’m not going to bore you with summing them all 27… 

I will say that. We tasted a lot of Riesling and Grüner Veltliners from different vintages and different soil types and you can really taste and feel the difference! So happy for this! 



But I worked after in SAN Gent with the Mittelberg Riesling from 2016. This one has ripe fruits like peaches and apple, it has a spicy minerality, a nice acidity and a soft but ling enough finish! Really loved to work with this!   



I have to thank Entrepot Du Vin again for taking me on the trip and all my fellow tripies for making this wine trip so great! 

And of course! I have to thank the Gruber Familie for the super hospitality!  

If you require any extra info don’t hesitate to ask me! 

Or visit the website of Entrepot Du Vin or visit the website or Weingut Am Berg them self! 


Thank you again for reading and enjoy your refreshing Riesling in this hot weather! 

Keep on loving Riesling and I see you the next RIESsearchING! 

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