RIESsearchING is still alive!

Hi Riesling fans,

This time it took me really long!But no excuses are good enough to stay aside from RIESseatchING…

So, I’m dying to give you just a little update of what’s about to happen.Let’s start by presenting you an update of what did happen already in these months and months of me not showing my face here!

I believe I told you guy’s I started working at Sir Kwinten… (I don’t even remember). Sir Kwinten a wine restaurant in Lennik (Vlaams Brabant) I am assistant sommelier of Yanick Dehandschutter. Which is very interesting, but also a lot of work (hence the absence here). Trough working here I ended up at the half final of the Best Sommelier of Belgium! Did not get into the finals, but it was such a cool experience!


Also, Wijncast inteviewed me during the competition!


And then of course Corona… Covid 19 however you want to call this terrible disease… A second lockdown overcame Belgium and a whole bunch of other nations around the world. And during this second lockdown I even have less things to do as the first or its just in my mind.

But so time for writing is there for sure! And, I have been invited to join the #sommworkoutlewine really fun to do! It is a workout for Sommeliers and so every Thusday we taste a few wines in group over Zoom. Really nice thing Le Wine set up!


I’m going to pen down a post about the winery of the Sir Kwinten/ Ferment/ Krekelhof group.


To help our Belgium friends and let’s state it as it is, our wine culture in Belgium is getting better with the year.  So lets dive in the Belgium wines and wineries. Because also in Belgium there is a plenty of Riesling grown! More as 5 ha of Riesling is planted by now (all little vineyards). In total, 343.000ha of vines are planted by now for commercial purposes.

So, lot’s to write about! 

I and therefor RIESsearchING is still alive! Mwahahahaaaa (still a bit of Halloween vibes)

And I’m not going anywhere with this Pandemic. 

So see you very, very soon guy’s for the next

RIESsearchING and not so RIESsearchING at Dappersveld-Woestijn!

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