Me as RIESsearcher

Hi everyone,




I am Aurélie Charels

I am a sommelier
I am now a blogger
And no to forget: I Love RIESLING!

Riesling is a wonderful grape variety and I want to share this with everyone
Riesling is not always sticky sweet crap!

Riesling can be really elegant, fruity, mineral and complex!

I am here to share everything there is to know about Riesling!

Each everytime I go visit a winery, sometimes that has zero to do with Riesling.
Then I write a not so RIESsearchING, because it has nothing to do with Riesling.
But is non the less amazing, interesting to know!


Also, I present Riesling Masterclasses with my Mum
Who also loves Riesling!
And gives lessons in wine under Wine in Words!

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See you around for a lot of RIESsearchING!